Location sound mixer/ sound recordist David Ross (artists rendering)

Sound Recordist 

Audio Engineer

CASA certified drone pilot 

Based in Melbourne, Australia


Ph: 0400935364

I am a Melbourne based Sound Recordist, Location Sound Mixer, Sound Designer and lover of all things audio. Available for TV, doco, commercial and corporate bookings. Call or email for availability and quotes.

In 2019 and 2020 I'm spending a big chunk of my time mixing audio and flying drones for Foxtel's number one factual show Aussie Gold Hunters in central Victoria. When I'm not doing this you can normally find me roaming about Melbourne recording audio for TV, Documentaries, narrative film, online and corporate projects.  

Some notable productions I've been involved with over the last few years include...

Strange Colours .jpeg
Green Light Doco.jpg
Aussie Gold Hunters.png

My past clients include...


Sound Gear


Boom Microphones


IFB Headsets




Sound Devices 833 (10 track recorder)

Sound Devices Mix Pre 10t (10 track recorder)


Sound Devices 664 (12 track recorder)

Sound Devices CL-12 control surface with linear faders for cart based work.

Sanken Cs3e shotgun for exterior locations


2 x Sennheiser 8050 hypercardiod mics for indoor recording


2 x Rode Nt-5 pencil mics for stereo Atmos recording Rode NtG 3 Shotgun


Various dynamic mics including reporter mics


3 x Ambient boom poles of various lengths

10 channels wireless available including

6 x Audio ltd A10 transmitters with timecode and internal recording


4 x Lectrosonics transmitters

2 x Betso powered antenna for long distance applications 2 x Lectrosonics Dipole antenna
BSRF antenna distribution

10 x Sennheiser IEM G3 and G4

Ambient timecode systems 

Tiny Lokit and Nano Lokit boxes 

Laptop and Pro Tools Rig for location playback. 

Large and small speakers available on request. 


Email: davidrossaudio@gmail.com

MOB: 0400935364

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